Work the problems at the end of Chapter 3

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Homework Help

Activity 1:Work the problems at the end of Chapter 3: Problems 3.31(b), 3.32(a), and 3.32(b) using MATLAB.Activity 2:A linear time-invariant continuous-time system has the impulse response below:h(t) =[cos 2t + 4 sin 2t]u(t)Determine the transfer function H(s) of the system. Use the Laplace transform pairs table for this.Plot the system impulse response using Matlab.The input, x(t) is defined as  for x ? 0. Find X(s) using the tables.    Compute the output response Y(s).Compute y(t) using the Laplace Transform pairs and plot y(t).

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