World health organization

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Write 2 page essay on the topic World health organization.In order to achieve the accessibility of the health services, there must be a strong, well-run, and efficient health system. The health system is useful for accessing the essential technologies and medicines through motivated and sufficient health workers. Most countries are unable to expand health services in order to meet the growing needs due to limited resources (Terry 636).In spite of the commitment of developed countries such as USA to the universal coverage, there are still various unsolved puzzles on how to deliver access to health services and protection of financial risk across all people. Today, most research is devoted in new technologies without considering the essentiality of making use of the existing knowledge. Currently, research is required in order to turn the existing knowledge into practice. Various questions concerning the universal coverage need local answers. For example, the questions can be the health-seeking behaviors, how the system can be structured, and how to measure the progress of the health care in the USA (WHO, 2013). The questions imply that all member countries across the world are required to be their own producers of research.According to the 2013 report, WHO came up with three examples to enhance progress towards universal health. The examples include bed nets, cash payments, and affordability of the health care for the ageing European population. Surveys carried out in the US show that the U.S. health system spends a greater sum of gross domestic product on health services when compared to a survey in 22 African countries. In general, the survey was able to reveal that at least one fly spray treated mosquito net was able to reduce mortality rate of children under the age of five by 13-31%. Also, the surveys in America recommended that conditional cash transfer and the cash payment is made in return for offering health care services. The review

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