World of work silver-organisational awareness

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Create a 1 page page paper that discusses world of work silver-organisational awareness. I feel that the statement has helped in understanding the need for having research on the organization that I need to work. Such research ensures that I have ready information on what organization to work in and the advantages of working in such an organization. From the feedback, I have learned that it is easier to use culture and factors as the key guiding principles for the external analysis of the organization. Thus, using a SWOT analysis facilitates in determining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats that an organization has towards the social-based factors. Further, having a well-developed topic for research will assist to make it easy to achieve success in the research process. This occurs because the answering of the topic comprises of the details essential for the achievement of success. How will you use this experience and feedback to help you to identify possible placement and graduate employment opportunities within Engineering and other sectors? I will use the experience to create a chance for identification and evaluation of the organization that I need to work in the future. Such is because entering into an organization without knowing the functions and activities of such organization may prove challenging to me. Hence, having awareness of the organization activities will create an effective opportunity of understanding the nature of the organization and the need for ensuring that it is easy to achieve organizational success. It also ensures that I am able to identify the right organization based on personal dream and goals.

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