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Write an essay on Chapter 7 & 8. It needs to be at least 1000 words.Languages are made by the people all over the world and all kinds of humans can practice the use of language to speak. It is a channel to the public truth, serving the citizens to study the actions in their region and to sort out their feelings. It also brings about harmony inhuman lives. Generally, a speaker can make up a range of verbal terms and expressions that are entirely understandable by the speakers of language.The people from different cultures use different styles of language and it will be different from person to person and also to the country and cultures. Such styles will be a sign of the cultural values of the people or the country. English is spoken by majority of people all over the world. But there are different varieties of English across the world. People use different form of accents according to the geographical structure of that place. There are dialects in many countries which are the language varieties used by people. Normally these are not formally correct language, but all of these are meant for communication and people use these dialects or other forms of slang’s which can be understood by other people. Thus, language, through informal, can be used for communication. “Speakers of a particular dialect often believe their language variety is the best, correct, and standard way to speak. They may even believe that their language variety is so standard that it is not even considered a dialect.” (Chapter 7).Verbal languages are developed from a diverse form of non-linguistic interactions which were primarily derived from animal ancestors. This diversity of non-linguistic action to converse with one another are formulated through the actions, touching, odor, and substantial looks. These non vocal interactions, when shared with the spoken form of communication scheme, make the platform for interaction through which human beings come to be familiar with and know

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