Wynn Las Vegas business level strategy

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Write a 2 page essay on Wynn Las Vegas Business Level Strategy.Control procedures are in place. Lastly, a general sensitization will be carried with an aim to improve the work of the strategy. An audit of Wynn Las Vegas resulted in the following (Wheelen, 2008).The marketing strategy audit revealed that Wynn targets high-end customers and its product line is luxury in nature. This kind of strategy is on point for the company however they need to incorporate pricing strategies and promotion practices such as advertisements on the internet. Promotion services are also crucial. Their operations strategy has led to a choice of an advantageous location while its planning and scheduling activities ensure efficient handling of customers. Wynn also needs to include capacity planning to ensure that their full capacity is. There is also need for quality assurance to enable feedback and standards are. Information systems is also a strategic area for Wynn Las Vegas although they have disaster recovery, and information security is maintained business intelligence need to be a notch higher. There should also be in-house experts to help them avert from any disaster. Wynn financial strategy is such that they allow for capital budgeting, and an increase in shareholders returns is observed this means that financial control is, and success is guaranteed. Human resource should include recruitment for entry-level professional and allow for employee training. Innovation in Wynn should be should incorporate rewards for entrepreneurship (Strategy Audit,

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