Young Adults of the United Kingdom

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Write an article on What is Healthy Lifestyle among Young Adults of the United Kingdom. It needs to be at least 2250 words. As suggested by the National Health Service (2008: 9), an unhealthy diet is clearly associated with poor health and premature death throughout the globe. Given this, it is clearly the case that there is a need for the population to highly consider their diet to avoid cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and obesity. Adopting a healthy lifestyle clearly lowers the poor health and premature deaths. In terms of eating habits, men and women should consume five or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day (NHS, 2008: 9). Unfortunately, the adults aged 16 – 24 years old are the least in meeting such recommended proportions of fruits and vegetables (NHS, 2008: 9). On the one hand, physical activity also lowers the risk of premature death (NHS, 2008: 8). It also lessens the possibility of having major chronic illnesses (NHS, 2008: 8). Likewise, engaging in physical activity increases the chances of independence in older age (NHS, 2008: 8). It improves as well as the quality of life (NHS, 2008: 8). Meanwhile, alcohol consumption also impacts a healthy lifestyle. Undeniably, the damage caused by alcohol is detrimental to health. However, most in England claimed to be occasional drinkers in which most of them exceed the recommended alcohol intake of only three to four units for men and two to three units for women (NHS, (NHS, 2008: 11). A healthy lifestyle is basically not just about the foods that people consume but must be combined with the right amount of exercise, alcohol, and no smoking habits. It does not just improve and extend life but according to McDowell (2010: 70), a healthy lifestyle includes enjoyment from the choices of lifestyle as well as overall well – being. Given this, it is without a doubt that to have a healthy lifestyle matter not only to the individual itself but to the whole society as a whole for the reason that such improves the quality of lives. Nonetheless, despite what a healthy lifestyle can offer people, the engagement to some behavior that is considered dangerous for the health and well – being of citizens are observable in the United Kingdom. As a matter of fact, taking a look at the young adult population of United Kingdom indicates some of their practices of the risky health behaviors such as their alcohol consumption, smoking habits and intakes of fatty and salty foods. Likewise, it is also the case that there has been a rising incidence of weight gain and obesity among young adults (Lake, Adamson, Craigie, Rugg-Gunn & Mathers, 2009: 157 -165). Certainly, such evidence the practices of risky health lifestyle among young adults. The objective of the Study In this regard, the focus of this paper mainly aims at investigating healthy lifestyle among the young adult population of the United Kingdom. Specifically, it aims at answering three points. First, its objective is to know what is considered a healthy lifestyle among the younger adult population of the United Kingdom. Second, it targets to understand how important a healthy lifestyle is among them. Third, it aims to look at food as an element of lifestyle.

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