Young children’s and paternal incarceration

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Homework Help

Research on the relationship between young children’s well-being and paternal incarceration is my topic of interest. explore data to evaluate the mental and behavioral outcomes of young children experiencing paternal incarceration. Seeking to examine the emotional and social health of young children visiting incarcerated parents and the long term possible impacts. Furthermore, examine the mental and behavioral consequences of paternal incarceration for children which increase the risk of anxiety, poverty, assault, and aggression. Examining data and studies that are beneficial to the topic when understanding the impacts of both maternal and paternal incarceration on young children is my focus. Literature review – Lists primary points for four sections in the Literature Review: (a) Background of the problem/gap and the need for the study based on citations from the literature; (b) Theoretical foundations (models and theories to be the foundation for study); (c) Review of literature topics with a key theme for each one; (d) Summary.Problem statement – Describes the problem to address through the study based on defined needs or gaps from the literature.The research questions must directly relate to the topic and the Problem Statement that emerged from the Literature Review. Consider what data must be generated to answer the research questionsSample and location – Identifies sample, needed sample size, and location (study phenomena with small numbers and variables/groups with large numbers).The methodology and design must address the Problem Statement. You must provide a defense for your choice of methodology and design; explain how it addresses the Problem Statement and meets the need established by the Literature Review.Research questions – Provides research questions to collect data to address the problem statement.Hypothesis/variables or Phenomena – Provides hypotheses with variables for each research question (quantitative) or describes the phenomena to be better understood (qualitative). APA, academic peer review articles, references, no direct quoting,  Hypothesis/Variables or Phenomena. State the hypothesis/variables that correspond to each research question (quantitative studies) or phenomena to be understood (qualitative studies). The hypothesis/variables or phenomena must directly relate to the Problem Statement and research questions of the potential study.  APA, academic peer review articles, references, no direct quoting, 2,000 words

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