Your task for the GUI project

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Your task for the GUI project is to design a car configuration.The application should be able to do the following:• Allow the user to pick 1 out of 3 possible cars – Hatchback, Sedan, SUV• Allow the user to configure the following parts:? Engine capacity – 2 L, 3 L or 4 L? Exterior color – Black, Blue or Green? Interior color – Black, Brown or White? Wheel size – 16 in, 18 in, 20 in? Add-on packages:? Sport package – Yes / No? Executive package – Yes/No? Lane-assist – Yes/No? Parking-assist – Yes/No• Calculate total price based on chosen configuration• Display summary of the options and itemized pricesThe application should have 3 screens/pages in the following order:1. Welcome screen? Displays a welcome message and image? Accepts the name and email id of the user – Name and email id cannot be blank andemail id has to be valid? Button to move to the next page 2. Configurator screen? Drop-downs for• Picking a car type (Default hatchback)• Engine capacity (default 2L)• Exterior color (default Black)• Interior color (default Black)• Wheel size (default 16 in.)? Radio button group for add-on packages• Default is Sport package• Only one of the two packages can be selected. If sport is selected, deselect executive and vice-versa? Checkboxes• Lane-assist (default unchecked)• Parking-assist (default unchecked)? Button to calculate total and generate invoice3. Summary screen? Name and email-id? Table with itemized bill including tax? Label with final price? Button to exitUse pricing from the following tables:Base prices:Car Type         Price(USD)Hatchback        6000Sedan                15600SUV                    26700Part prices (Add on):Part           Variant            Price(USD)Engine           2L                      0                        3L                     2000                         4L                     4000Exterior color  Black                  0                           Blue                 1000                            Green              2000Interior color     Black                  0                              Brown              500                               White               950Wheel size                   16 in           0                                        18 in        1200                                         20 in        2400Add-on packages            Sport        0                                          Executive  8300                                      Lane-assist      1700                                      Parking assist   2900Tax: 6.9 % on total price

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