Impact of technology on the health care field

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Need an research paper on the impact of technology on the health care field. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. act that technologies such as predictive medicine will result in better healthcare in terms of cost savings, efficiency, and the saving of more lives. This source is written by an expert in the healthcare field and mainly targets experts in the health field as well as policy makers. The source is unbiased and presents the reality as it is, albeit putting more emphasis on the benefits of technology to healthcare. The source discusses critically a broad range of topics related to the subject which is its core strength.Collins F. (2011). Mobile Technology and Health Care. NIH Medline Plus, Winter 5(4): 2-3. Retrieved June 28, 2013, from source provides a health expertÂ’s perspective concerning one technology- Mobile health (mhealth). Dr. Francis Collins notes that the marriage of mobile technology and applications is bound to revolutionize the world in a major way. Through mobile phones for example, he notes, members of the public are able to access summaries for more than 800 diseases and conditions through Medline plus. Dr. Collins believes that technology can be useful in controlling the global population from old and new threats. It also discusses how mobile phones can be useful in such areas as research in the field of healthcare. This source is special in that it provides information relating to the impacts of technology on the global community as opposed to patients, hospitals, and government. The source is up-to-date and focuses on a particular technology that the other sources have not discussed about. Generally, the source is focuses on one specific technology (mobile phone technology) and seems a little bias in that it does not presented the negative side of the technology.HoskinsÂ’ article starts by outlining some of the major technological breakthroughs that technology has brought in the medical or healthcare field.

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